JMB Design Studio LLP

Mech./HVAC Support
Details of the Services we offer in Mechanical Support:

1. Air Conditioning
2. Heating Repeatition
3. Mechanical ventilation
4. Refrigeration system for Cold Storage/Deep Freezer
5. Heating
6. Industrial Ventilation
7. Central Evaporative Cooling
8. Green Building Design

Scope of HVAC works undertaken
1. Feasibility Study
2. Concept Design Report and Budgeting
3. Estimates Design Development
4. GFC Drawings
5. Drafting Specifications
6. Schedule of Quantities
7. Detailed Cost Estimates
8. Notice Inviting Tender
9. Comparative Statement for Tenders (Commercial & Technical Details)
10.Cost Estimates, Approval of Shop Drawings
11. Periodic Site Inspection & Quality Control
12. Approval of As-Built Drawings

13. Central AC plants with Water Cooled/Air Cooled VAM Chillers
14. Secondary Variable AC Systems
15. Primary Variable AC Systems
16. Design of Cooling Towers
17. DX Split / Packaged Air-Conditioning Systems
18. DX VRV AC Systems
19. Radiant cooling/Heating Systems
20. Under Floor AC Systems
21. Fresh Air and Energy Recovery systems
22. Demand controlled ventilation Using VAVs space heating
23. Air Cooling
24. Toilet and Pantry Ventilation Systems
25. Kitchen Ventilation systems
26. Basement General & Smoke Ventilation
27. Fire Compartmentation
28. Ventilation of Utility rooms
29. Pressurization system for Stairwells, Lift Wells & Lift Lobbies
30. Smoke Evacuation of Egress Paths
31. Atrium Smoke Venting