JMB Design Studio LLP

Fire Protection Support
Details of the Services we offer in Fire Protection Support:

1. Design & Sizing of Fire water Storage
2. Fire Pumping
3. Wet Riser & Down-comer Hydrant Systems
4. Dry Riser System
5.Fire Aid Hose Reels
6. Automatic Sprinkler System
7. Pre-action and Deluge System Design
8. Portable Fire Extinguishers
9. Basement Water Curtain / Fire Curtain System
10.Facade Glass protection
11.Inert Gas Room Flooding of Critical Areas
12.Wet Chemical based Kitchen Hood Suspension
13.Specialist in high rise building above 60 mtr
14.CO2 Gas Suppression system for LT/HT Panel
15.FM200 Gas Suppression System